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The Little Horses - Alison Welles, Geoff Goodman - Songs Of Charles Ives And Other American Songs

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  1. think that they do not—always at least—would be a relief.1 (Charles Ives) The above statement, by Charles Ives, is an example of Ives’s desire to explore the relationship that exists between both life and art. Ives believed that music was, in many ways, a direct expression of life. Ives composed a modernist American music that was both an.
  2. Ives wrote a new song to this poem, a delicate and beautiful little thing of lacy broken chords. Ives ' lifelong exploration of every imaginable type of chord and progression allows him to support a mostly diatonic melody with gently unexpected and exquisite chord changes, while retaining a lovely, gentle, and sentimental imagery that is purely Victorian in outlook some 20 years after the official end of that era.
  3. Ives' biographer Jan Swafford notes that whilst it might be tempting to hear Variations on "America" as a satire, the probability is that Ives meant the work as a sincere exercise in variations for organ. He adds that whilst Ives was capable of musical jokes, they are usually considerably broader than here.
  4. Oct 13,  · Vocalist Alison Welles, guitarist Geoff Goodman, and drummer Bill Elgart perform "The Battle Cry of Freedom," an composition by George Frederick Root from Welles and Goodman's SONGS .
  5. Apr 30,  · Charles Ives By: Dayana Forte American Composer who integrated American traditions of the time into art music Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
  6. Alison Welles and Geoff Goodman’s Songs of Charles Ives and Other American Songs () CD Musikverlag H. Burger & M. Müller with Bill Elgart on drums, Goodman on guitar and electric mandolin, Henning Sieverts on bass, and Welles on vocals.
  7. Alison Welles and Geoff Goodman Songs of Charles Ives and Other American Songs, an album dedicated to the legendary American composer, includes “Thoreau,” a piece by Ives that uses passages from Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden. Alison Welles and Geoff Goodman – Songs of Charles Ives and Other American Songs () Musikverlag H. Burger & M. Müller.

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